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Forum Guidelines

Post by Kanariya on Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:13 pm

Everywhere has rules and this forum is no different. The rules are simple and have been put in place to make this community the best if can be and to ensure that everyone is able to contribute to the forums in a constructive and fun way.

The rules are pretty much standard for all forums, however if you are new to the world of foruming or perhaps slightly forgetful - please take note.

1, Language
Swearing on the forum is not a major 'no no' however it is frowned upon. The odd curse word now and again is acceptable but we do have a swear filter so what you say may be filtered away. The filter is in place for a reason so please do not try to avoid it - constant abuses of the filter may result in a ban so please be aware of how you are posting and the words you choose to use. Certain 'lesser' words will not be filtered but that does not mean you can abuse them and use them all the time. Swearing is not big and it's not smart anyway - we just don't need it.
However if you feel it is needed to express how you feel, limited use is 'okay' - but not welcomed.

2. Sigs, Banners and Avatars
Most people have pretty good connections now so we don't really put a limit on sig or avatar sizes in terms of 'file size' however if we feel your signature if pushing it a little we may ask you to reduce it or choose another (Lets not have epic film .gif signatures and avatars Wink)
Avatars may be 100x100 to keep the forum tidy and signatures must NOT stretch the forum. A nice signature size is around 110x400. You can go above this but really big ones may be altered. (more specific sizes may be implemented at a later date once we are set up)

3. Sexual Content
Posting rude and/or explicit images on any forum is often considered a no no, this rule applies here. Leah Dizon herself has done some reather 'revealing' photos in the past and these are ok - however please be considerate when posting pictures - nothing rude or pornographic, keep it clean and classy if you must post pictures.
If you are unsure about a picture - feel free to PM myself or another mod once positions have been allocated and we will be happy to let you know if it is 'good' for forum posting.

The only exception is talking about your sexuality. We don't need you to give us details of what you like to do with the any sex. But we won't get annoyed at you if you tell us you are gay/lesbian/bi/metro/trans..whatever you are is cool. Nor does this mean you have to tell us. Basically, we don't have the rule of 'never talk about sexuality' on this forum.

4. General Behavior
Many people think that a forum is just a place on the internet and that if you say something to a member - they won't be offended. This however is NOT the case and you should treat all members on the forum with the same respect you would give any random person in the street, your friends or your family. We are all real people sitting behind our screens, we have feeling and we are all part of the same community; so let's create a good environment to have discussions in.

Do not spam the forum or post links to illegal sites / downloads / games / etc - this will not be tolerated and you may face a ban depending on the content posted. Also please do not use the forum as a means to sell items you own, use ebay. You may post a link in your signature however with a link to your ebay shop if you wish to do so.

5, Privacy
Any information you provide us with upon registering is considered private, we will NEVER share your information with any other people... EVER!
We ask that any members who join the forum who are under the age of 13 to NOT post any personal details on the forum or put any contact details in their profiles. If we find people doing this the details will be removed and the member warned - this is for YOUR safety and part of the hosts rules. So please respect it.
We want this community open for everyone of all ages - however if people abuse this we may have to create limitations.

Sorry for the rambling rules and such but we have to make everyone aware. It isn't really hard to follow the rules so please do so and this place will become a great community of Leah fans Smile


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